We Teach

You What Nutrition Does For the Body

We Partner 

With our Community to Promote Healthy Living

We Provide

Lunch and Learn Classes at Your Venue (or ours)

We Believe 

In a World Where Life Prevails

What others are saying...

Emma, Engineer

My first free class was the eight hour Cancer workshop and I was blown away by the amount of information being shared and the food, I was stuffed by the time we were done.

Tami, Recruiter

I have both PCOS and Lynch Syndrome so the closses offered here have been invaluable to me.  I am older now than when my Mom had her first cancer and I'm 100% Cancer Free and I have Food Saved Me to thank for giving me the tools I need to stay healthy

John, Nutritionist

What Katherine is doing at Food Saved Me is helping raise awareness to the problems that we face with Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Alzheimers and how nutrition plays a role in eliminating and controlling these threats

535 S Nolen Suite 400

Southlake, TX 76092

Hours of Operation: 10AM to 5PM

Mon - Fri


Tel: 817-421-FOOD (3663)

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