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Katherine Lawrence grew up in Louisiana and joined the Air Force after graduating from college as an Aerospace Engineer. She served in the USAF for 4 years in Florida, Kansas, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. She later moved to Ft. Worth, Texas to work as an engineer at Bell Helicopter.
In 2006, Katherine began to have severe abdominal pain. After several misdiagnoses over 5 months, her doctor determined she had severe endometriosis. It had spread beyond her ovaries and fallopian tubes, and formed adhesions around her intestine. Typically, endometriosis can leave scar tissue on the reproductive organs and her doctor advised her she was infertile. He told her there was no cure for her severe condition, and because she was at such high risk for endometrial cancer, he recommended a hysterectomy. 

Instead of opting for the hysterectomy, Katherine started working with a nutritionist.  He taught her which foods can damage the reproductive system and which foods can help heal it. On his recommendation, she removed meat, dairy products and most of the excess fat, salt and sugar from her diet and began eating more whole, plant foods. It was a difficult transition, but she felt it was her only hope at avoiding surgery.
After 5 weeks on the new diet, she went in for the laparoscopy. The doctor saw evidence of the scarring and the adhesion around her colon, but 95% of the endometriosis was gone. He was amazed! Katherine stayed on the diet and started to notice wonderful changes taking place in her body. First, the abdominal pain was no longer there. Then, she started to get new hair growth on her head and her skin became clearer. Her cholesterol dropped from 178 to 128, too! After several months, the seven fibroid cysts she'd had in her breasts since puberty had dissolved. Over the course of several months, she even lost 50 pounds! Now, there was no going back.
Katherine began studying nutrition diligently and obtained her certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. She also studied at the world-renowned Kushi Institute in Massachusetts. In 2008, she become an instructor for The Cancer Project under PCRM (Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine), a national, non-profit in Washington, DC that offers nutrition and cooking classes to the community. In 2010, she broadened her outreach work as a site lead ??  “Site leader? for the nationwide GEICO study to introduce healthy eating to its employees. Katherine also served as an instructor and manager of the eCornell online certificate program for 3 years, under Dr. T. Colin Campbell, teaching over 1000 physicians and medical personnel how to apply important nutrition information to their patients and practices.

Katherine eventually became pregnant three different times and now has 3 young boys at home.  Through breastfeeding and good nutrition, they are thriving! They have renewed her passion for this lifestyle and for sharing information with others.


Katherine specializes in empowering students to make changes at home that are healthy and easy. She provides a level of encouragement and hope that is unmatched in her field. In 2015, she opened a 5,000 Sq ft demo kitchen in Southlake, Texas to further her mission of providing FREE nutrition and cooking classes to empower people to change their lives for the better. Through her office, Katherine has taught over 8,000 students how foods can help prevent Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, Heart Disease and more.   

She has taken the healthy eating message to the broader public for free, as well.  She has taught at Cancer Support Community, Texas Oncology, Baylor Medical, MD Anderson, American Airlines, Texas Instruments and many more.  Her classes are extremely popular and effective at helping people understand the power and influence they have over their health. 

Katherine's passion is to empower people to improve their health, their perspective and their lives through healthy eating. 
If you’re outside of the North Texas area, be sure to check out her free webinars that are available to the public through this site.


Katherine Lawrence

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Matthew Ireland is from Lubbock, Texas and is a 5th generation military service member. He served as an electrician in the Air Force at various bases around the world, including Florida, South Dakota and Saudi Arabia. 


In2012, Matt had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was about 40 pounds overweight. In addition to suffering with shortness of breath and chronic fatigue, his poor health was affecting his home life. He struggled with bouts of depression and didn’t want to play with his children due to his moodiness and low energy. He and his children survived in the drive-thru lane, frequenting fast food restaurants. Instead of asking “what are you making for dinner?”, his kids had grown accustomed to asking “where are you taking us for dinner?”.  After a while, he took notice of the effect their poor diet was having on his children. They began to have similar issues as him, with low energy and chronic fatigue. But their poor diet also affected their attention span and prevented them from being able to focus on tasks for very long periods.  Additionally, his young son had severe IBS and severe allergies. 


One day, Matt realized that if he didn’t change what they were doing, it was going to become a multi-generational problem. Because he didn’t want to leave a legacy of overweight and unhealthy children, he made some changes. So, his family started cooking at home more and got involved with an organization that provides support to those wanting to eat healthier. 


Once they changed their food and how it was being prepared, everyone felt better, happier and more energized. He noticed the kids took a real joy in mealtimes and seemed to thrive on that family time. Matt’s son’s IBS went away and he was sleeping better. Matt lost 35 pounds and his blood pressure is now at a safe and healthy level. He has more energy and no longer struggles with depression. 


Matt is now dedicated to helping people make healthier choices and empowering them to cook at home more because he realizes that its not just about the food. Matt sees how profoundly we are affected in so many ways by our food choices. He is dedicated to teaching others how to find similar happiness and the satisfaction that he has found. 


Matt is now certified to teach Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. His passion is to empower people to improve their health, their perspective and their lives through healthy eating.


Matt has worked with several veterans groups across Texas, and employee wellness programs and medical facility health programs. His nutrition classes are interactive, energetic and filled with the same passion that Matt now has for life. 


Matthew Ireland

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