Nutrition Classes

Owners Only Classes

Our nutrition classes are designed to provide education, awareness and easy to make recipes for several health topics that are affecting our ways of life.  Here are the main topics:

Cancer Workshop (8 hour)

Cancer Workshop (2 hour)

Heart Disease (2 hour)

Diabetes (2 hour)

Alzheimer's (2 hours)

Food Addiction/ -911 (2 hours)

Our Saladmaster owners classes cover all of the different topics you might encounter in the kitchen.  Here are just a few:

Owner's Basics (2 hour) - provided monthly

One Pot Quick Dishes (2 hour)

Breakfasts (2 hour)

Smokeless Broiler basics (2 hour)

Southern Comfort Foods (2 hours)

Soups and Stews (2 hours)

Kimberly Kay Lucas

Food Saved Me is dedicated to meeting your needs wherever they may exist regarding Nutrition.  Kimberly Kay Lucas is our independent health coach and is standing by to offer one on one consultation as well as a series of classes dedicated to improving your health, your mind and your body.


Group Classes:

Daily Detox Class 101

Private Consultation

Discovery Health Assessment (20 min)

Personal Nutrition Counseling (1:45 hours)

Family Nutrition Counseling (2 hours)

Sustainable Weight Management (1 hour)

Detox Consultation (45 minutes)

Food Sensitivities Consult (45 minutes)

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Southlake, TX 76092

Hours of Operation: 10AM to 5PM

Mon - Fri

Tel: 817-421-FOOD (3663)

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