Food Saved Me Gives Back

Food Saved Me is proud to financially sponsor and provide more visibility to local non-profit organizations and cancer patients needing assistance. Please check out these local groups who need support, engagement and awareness!

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Serving abused women and their children in Tarrant County. Helping battered women in DFW through support, faith, and love.

Fighting human trafficking, restoring survivors, empowering advocates, and ending demand. Offering survivors continued healing, personal development, extended educational support and vocational skills.


Providing educational programs for parents, teachers and clergy to defend against pornography, predators and other online threats. 

Closing the gap between opportunity and achievement for the children in our community by educating

low-income children.


Ensuring that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.

Educating the community and raising awareness about the many types of gynecological conditions. Offering support and resources for survivors and caregivers.

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Food Saved Me is an Educational Alliance Partner with PCRM and offers Food For Life nutrition classes focusing on disease prevention and reversal using nutrition. Creating a healthier world with a plant-based-diet focus.

More to Come!